Management of co-owned properties & condominiums

  • Invoicing of expenses and monitoring of cash receipts
  • Budgeting, contracting, cash management and payment of bills
  • Planning and follow-up of work
  • List of duties of the caretaker
  • Representation of the community towards third parties
  • Building surveillance
  • Management of insurance cover and claims
  • Drawing up the annual statement of account and distribution of charges
  • Convening of ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies
  • Management of the community’s assets, particularly the renovation fund

Real estate advice & sale


  • Determination your property’s value


  • Preparation and publication of sales documents – for new, resale or off-plan properties
  • Preliminary valuation of the property and sound advice on its marketing
  • Handling of legal issues
  • Notarised deeds
  • Acquisitions

Development & domiciliation

Real Estate Development

  • Construction of your primary residence or second home


  • Receipt and temporary custody of private mails
  • Checking and payment of current invoices on our clients’ behalf
  • Insurance management
  • Annual statement of account with supporting documents, tracking and archiving of documents
  • Confidentiality
  • Handling of tax and legal issues (external advice can be requested)